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Top-Pick Prepper Gifts for 2013

From the Practical to the Extravagant

The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you find just the thing for the Prepper on your list. From budget-conscious and practical to bank-busting and a bit extreme, this year’s list has something for everyone.

Gifts under $50

One of the great things about these items under $50 is that you can buy a few and make a nice “prepper care package” or stuff a stocking. Sure, most of these are more practical than fun, but if you’re in survival mode, practicality beats frivolity any day.

Did  you know that duct tape has been on board every NASA space mission since the Gemini days? It has! That’s why our top pick for 2013 is duct tape. Not the traditional silver shiny stuff, but camo duct tape. (Camo duct tape won’t reflect the sun, so it’s Prepper-approved.)  Order online from Northern Tool & Equipment (www.northerntool.com), camo duct tape 2-pack, $12.00


Gifts over $50, less than $250

The top pick in this category is the titanium escape ring. It retails for around $80 and features a hidden micro cutting tool inside a wedding band-style ring.  The tool can cut through plastic zip ties, duct tape, rope and other non-metallic material. It’s shim end, size and shape can also pick single lock handcuffs. We only recommend it for survival situations, of course.


Gifts around $1,000

Unfortunately, the Fukushima nuclear disaster sparked some new gift ideas for 2013. Targeted for availability sometime in November, Osaka-based materials company, Yamamoto, will be offering anti-radiation underwear and swimwear. While the new items are targeted at the crews cleaning up the disaster, survivalists may find comfort in these items. The underwear will retail for around $800 and the swimwear, said to block nearly 100% of beta rays, will set you back about $1,100.

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