Village Construction Kit

Village Construction Kit

One of our favorite topics to pop up this year was the DIY modern village kit from Open Source Ecology. Marcin Jakubowski announced that modern life could be maintained with 50 basic machines. Now, Jakubowski is a physicist, but he’s also a farmer. As a farmer / physicist, he decided that science wasn’t really solving any of the world’s problems so in 2003 he founded Open Source Ecology, a network of farmers, engineers and supporters whose main goal is to manufacture the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) – a blueprint kit that contains low-cost, build-it-yourself versions of those all-important 50 machines.

I know you want to see the list – here it is:

  1. Tractor
  2. Cement mixer
  3. Sawmill
  4. CEB press
  5. Bulldozer
  6. Backhoe
  7. Seeder
  8. Hay rake
  9. Drilling rig
  10. Microtractor
  11. Soil pulverizer
  12. Spader
  13. Hay cutter
  14. Trencher
  15. Bakery oven
  16. Dairy milder
  17. Microcombine
  18.  Baler
  19. Multimachine
  20. Ironworker
  21. Laser cutter
  22. Welder
  23. Plasma cutter
  24. Induction furnace
  25. CNC torch table
  26. Metal roller
  27. Rod and wire mill
  28. Press forge
  29. Universal rotor
  30. Drill press
  31. 3d printer
  32. 3d scanner
  33. CNC circuit mill
  34. Industrial robot
  35. Chipper hammermill
  36. Power cube
  37. Gasifier burner
  38. Solar concentrator
  39. Electric motor generator
  40. Hydrolic motor
  41. Nickel-Iron battery
  42. Steam engine
  43. Heat exchanger
  44. Wind turbine
  45. Pellletizer
  46. Universal power supply
  47. Aluminum extractor
  48. Truck
  49. Car
  50. Bioplastic extruder

The blueprints OSE comes up with are all Open Source, meaning free distribution for the good of all. They are all openly reviewed and tested by volunteers, so if you’re an engineer or a wannabe engineer, you can join the OSE Smart Mob to review and comment on the blueprints for all the machines. To see how the machines actually work, you can watch a short 2-minute video here. It’s a fascinating idea from a fascinating guy. If you’d like to know more about the founder – watch his very interesting TED talk here.

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