What Are Ideal Food Storage Conditions?

What Are Ideal Food Storage Conditions?

Ideal conditions are 50-55 degrees (brief periods of 60 degrees is okay) and no more than 15% humidity. Most dry basements are perfect, but if your zone goes through a period of high heat or humidity you might want to temperature / humidity control your storage space.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep storage containers out of direct contact with floors, walls and direct light. Simple shelving, a discarded wood pallet, or a small row of cinder blocks makes an excellent base for stacking your supply.

Do I need to rotate?

Not if you have Wise emergency meals. That’s because they are packed in individual nitrogen sealed pouches then shipped to you in durable, stackable 4-gallon plastic buckets. Even if you take the packets out of the plastic buckets, because each is nitrogen packed in a metal-Mylar pouch, the same 25-year shelf life applies. So, once you’ve stored your emergency supply in ideal conditions, you can forget about it until you need it.

How much space do I need?

Not much if your food storage consists of Wise emergency meals in our specially designed square buckets. You can store enough of our delicious ready-made meals to feed a family of six for a full year in the space the size of a washer and dryer. And, you don’t need to worry about a wobbly tower of buckets falling over. Wise buckets have specially designed notches that are made for safe, stable stacking.

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