Wise Donates Emergency Meals to Aid Ebola Relief Efforts

Wise Donates Emergency Meals to Aid Ebola Relief Efforts

Wise Company Donates Emergency Food Storage Meals to Aid Ebola Relief Efforts in Liberia

In response to the devastation wrought by Ebola in Liberia, Wise Company, a major producer of food storage and emergency food products, is sending a shipment of 8,640 servings of its long-term emergency food to assist in the relief effort.

Aaron Jackson, CEO of Wise, said the Company would immediately make ready a shipment of emergency entrees and breakfasts. These will be comprised of ready-made meals like Lasagna, Pasta Alfredo, Savory Stroganoff and Apple Cinnamon Cereal that are prepared in minutes by simply adding water.

“The challenges faced by the thousands of affected people in Liberia are beyond comprehension,” says Aaron Jackson. “Among what is most needed urgently is a safe, stable and nutritious supply of easy-to-prepare foods. This donation package has been designed to provide 2 meals per day to more than 4,300 people.

Wise Company will be partnering with Convoy of Hope to handle the transport and distribution of this desperately needed food to emergency management officials in Liberia. Mr. Jackson said, “Having partnered with Convoy of Hope in other disasters, such as the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma in 2013, Wise Company knows it has a reliable best-in-class partner that can ensure these meals arrive to those most in need of help and assistance.”

Wise Company’s freeze dried and dehydrated meals, sealed in lightweight Mylar pouches, will be easy for Ebola victims and support staff to prepare as only water is required – whether hot or cold. In addition, the packaging and shelf life of the donated Wise Company emergency meals allow emergency relief groups to safely store and transport the food for long periods of time and in adverse conditions should they not be immediately needed.

About Wise Company, Inc.:
Wise Company, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a leading supplier of high-quality, innovative dehydrated and freeze dried food products for emergency preparedness and outdoor use. Wise Company provides great tasting, high-quality foods that have been purposely manufactured and packed to be prepared quickly and easily. Wise markets its products through a robust internal sales force that sells to channel partners, including retailers and distributors, and direct-to-consumer through its in-house sales force. For more information and a complete list of product offerings, visit www.wisefoodstorage.com.

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