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First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

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The bulk of first aid kits sold in department stores and online might be sufficient to patch up a child’s scrapes, but in an emergency, they’re almost useless. If you’re a camper, hiker, hunter, or disaster prepper, you want emergency first aid supplies capable of handling lacerations, burns, poison ivy, and more—and you want enough supplies in your kit to be able to handle multiple injuries. Wise Food Storage offers outdoor and advanced wound kits for those of us who want to be prepared and ready for the worst.

Wise Food Storage first aid kits range in complexity from basic outdoor kits to advanced emergency supply kits with hemostatic gauzes, Celox granules, and emergency thermal blankets. While not a substitute for professional medical care, our prepackaged emergency first aid supplies can be used to treat minor injuries or help stabilize serious injured individuals until emergency personnel arrive.