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Water Storage:

Water Filters:

The average person should drink roughly four to six glasses of water per day. While this is a rather straightforward task to carry out during a normal day, it can be difficult to accomplish during an emergency situation. For example, during an earthquake, water pipes might burst, effectively cutting off a building from a steady, reliable source of drinking water. That’s why the CDC recommends that the average homeowner should store at least three to five days of drinking water in case of emergency. Wise Food Storage, aside from producing high-quality, ready-made emergency meals and snacks, also offers large-scale water storage systems, as well. These 1.6 gallon-containers are made from a high-density plastic, so they’re extremely durable. They’re also stackable, and they can even be used to store dry foods in a pinch too. If you’re planning on camping or hiking for an extended period of time, then you might consider purchasing a portable water filter system. Wise Food Storage carries small, micro-filters—such as the Katadyn Pocket Microfilter, which is perfect for stashing away in a backpack—as well as larger filters like the Seychelle Water Filtration Bottle or the Katadyn Combi Water Filter.

These filtration units use specialized cartridges (some are made from carbon, while others use ceramic) that effectively filter out dirt and debris—some of the units can also filter out certain bacteria and chemicals too. Drinking clean water is especially important while camping or hiking, as ingesting questionable or still water could cause a person to become ill—which is the last thing you might want in the middle of the wilderness. It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping for a camping trip, or you’re preparing emergency supplies for your home--having access to clean drinking water is a must. By purchasing a portable water filter, or by stockpiling clean water in your home, then you can ensure that you will have access to a reliable water source no matter the situation.