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Emergency preparedness is important. By simply stockpiling enough food and water at home to last you and your loved ones for a few days, you can help to ensure that your household will remain safe during nearly any emergency event or natural disaster. Wise Food produces ready-made, high-quality, long-term food items that are ideal for emergency preparedness. From dehydrated vegetables to freeze-dried entrees, we offer it all, and all of our food items are designed to have an extended shelf-life—in fact, when stored correctly, many of our entrees can have a shelf life of well over 20 years. However, if you’ve never considered food storage supply or emergency food preparedness before, you might be wondering exactly how much long-term food you should purchase for you and your family. Here, on our website, we offer a unique food-storage calculator system that can help you to determine exactly how much food you and your family should purchase in order to eat regularly and healthily during an emergency event. For example, if you’re purchasing food supplies for a single adult—the calculator lists anyone over 10 years old as an adult—then the calculator will highlight just how long each food kit will last you, depending on the number of servings the adult has per day. For instance, if that adult buys a 240-serving package of emergency food, that adult will have 120 days of food in total if they allow for two servings a day. If the adult prefers three servings a day, the package will last them 80 days. On the other hand, that same 240-serving package will last four adults 30 days if they want two servings, or 20 days if they prefer three servings. All of Wise Food’s emergency food items are made with high-quality ingredients and they’re specially prepared in order to extend their overall shelf life. A standard food supply package is sealed in a pouch that helps to prevent moisture or air exposure and then placed within an easily stackable and easy-to-carry bucket. When stored correctly, these food items can last for decades. The entrée’s featured within the package are flavorful and delicious. Dishes include cheesy lasagna, hearty tortilla soup, strawberry granola crunch, chicken-flavored noodle soup, and more. Wise Food also offers gluten-free meals and beverages, such as whey milk, which can be stored for an extended period of time. Do what you can to be plan for emergency events in advance—you won’t regret it.