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Freeze-Dried Meat Buckets:

When it comes to long-term emergency food storage, you can never be too prepared. The CDC recommends storing at least three-days of food and water in your home in case of a natural disaster. By storing even a small amount of supplies, you can help to keep your household safe during an emergency event. However, being prepared doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your dietary needs or the quality of your meals. Thanks to Wise Food, it’s now possible to dine on emergency food entrees that are not only healthy, but delicious too. Wise Food offers a diverse assortment of emergency food items, ranging from freeze-dried meats to tasty entrees like cheesy lasagna and tortilla soup. All of our food items are specially prepared to extend their overall shelf life. Typically, they’re either freeze-dried or dehydrated and sealed within a uniquely designed packet that helps to prevent heat or moisture exposure. Also, these items can also be placed within easy-to-stack buckets, adding an extra layer of protection. Aside from entrees and veggies, Wise Food offers a line of freeze-dried meats. It’s critical, especially during an emergency event, to make sure that you’re still getting a steady supply of protein. Our freeze-dried meats, aside from being rich in protein, are flavorful too. A single package of freeze-dried meats, which typically has a shelf life of around fifteen years, includes a number of different tasty meat dishes including roasted chicken, teriyaki-style chicken, savory roasted beef, stroganoff beef, cheesy beef, and Southwest-style chicken. These packages include a fair amount of rice too, so as to ensure that you’re also getting a steady intake of carbohydrates as well. In addition to freeze-dried meats, Wise Food carries a line of freeze-dried vegetables and fruits—by purchasing several different packages of veggies, fruits, and meats, you can ensure that your diet remains varied during an emergency event, and that you’re getting all of your necessary daily nutrients too. With Wise Food’s products, you can still eat healthy and balanced meals, even during a natural disaster.