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Milk Buckets:

It might sound like an impossible feat to eat a healthy, varied diet during a natural disaster. However, thanks to Wise Food Storage’s emergency food kits, it’s possible for a person to eat a balance diet—featuring veggies, fruits and dairy products—during an emergency event. Wise Food Storage specializes in emergency food items, meals and snacks that are perfect for emergency kits, road kits or hiking and camping. All of our dehydrated and freeze dried foods are prepared to last. Many of our items are packed away inside specially designed pouches—these pouches, when stored correctly, can effectively seal out moisture, heat and air for years.

Also, many of our food items also come within stackable buckets, which makes them easy to store and adds an extra layer of protection. By freeze-drying or dehydrating our meals, we can effectively seal in the nutrients, which means that when you finally prepare your food item, they should still taste fresh and flavorful. While many might assume that it’s difficult to store dairy items—like milk and eggs—over long durations of time, Wise Food Storage offers a line of powdered eggs and long-term milk that can be stored for decades. Our long-term whey milk is packed away within tough pouches and buckets, and the milk can be prepared quickly by simply adding water—heating the water isn’t required. Wise Food Storage carries powdered eggs, which are perfect for breakfast or as a protein substitute. The powdered eggs feature minimal additives, and they’re absolutely perfect for emergency situations—they’re packed with protein and nutrients, they can be made by simply adding water or milk, and they can also last for up to 25 years! Thanks to Wise Food Storage, it’s possible to eat a diverse diet—one that includes veggies, fruit, milk and eggs—during nearly any natural disaster. Being prepared for emergencies, especially as a homeowner, is crucial. While it might sound daunting to have to build an emergency kit for your family, by simply storing away a few days’ worth of food and water, you can ensure that your loved ones will have their basic needs met in the event of an emergency situation.