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A playground for outdoor enthusiasts, the wilderness offers abundant opportunity for adventure and exploration. At the same time, it can also be a treacherous landscape for the inexperienced and unprepared. Every year, hundreds of hikers and campers get lost or stranded in the woods. Unfortunately, even seasoned experts can find themselves in dire straits when food and water supplies run low. Media reports often tell fascinating stories about successful rescues. But what happens when these efforts stall and you're left to fend for yourself? Would you know how to defend against wind, heat, cold, dehydration, and starvation while you're waiting for help? The following infographic provides a few essential tips for surviving in the wild.Read More
Mar 17, 2017 10:45:00 AM By Wise Infographics
Every winter brings its share of severe weather, from heavy rain and wind to freezing temperatures, blizzards, and ice storms. These natural disasters — combined with aging infrastructure — can leave thousands to millions of people without electricity for extended periods of time, which puts lives at risk when people are unprepared. The following guide lays out the supplies you need and the steps to take when winter weather knocks out your home’s power.Read More
Mar 1, 2017 3:49:42 PM By Wise Infographics
The term “preparedness,” in its most literal sense, is the state of being ready. To those who have encountered events that caused them to act supernaturally in the face of all odds, however, preparedness isn’t so much a state of readiness, but rather the ability to respond quickly and responsibly. In the case of natural disasters, achieving a level of comfortable preparedness isn’t simply a matter of knowing that the impossible might happen, but also the physical means to survive after the fact. Having the tools and supplies to answer the destruction brought on by these natural disasters can supplement the mindset to survive. In the days after a catastrophic event, physical supplies will only be as useful if the user has the knowledge demanded to use them.Read More
Feb 1, 2017 3:46:05 PM By Wise Infographics
No one thinks that they will be caught up in a natural disaster or some other emergency, but it can happen to anyone. If the situation arises, will you be prepared? With Wise Food Storage’s new infographic, learn how to store food for emergency situations. What foods are easily preserved? What equipment will you need to store and cook this food properly? Plan ahead with this food guide and be prepared for anything that comes your way.Read More
Jan 1, 2017 3:42:00 PM By Wise Infographics
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